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Learning about a career in Anthropology:
Applying Anthropology- from Wadsworth Publishers
An Essay on Careers in Anthropology
American Anthropological Association- Careers in Anthropology
Careers in Physical Anthropology (pdf)
FAQ about Carreers in Archaeology

Video: Anthropologists at Work: Careers Making a Difference
UNLV Media:  GN25 .A57 - Videocassette 

Professional Organizations
American Anthropological Association
American Association of Physical Anthropologists
Society for American Archaeologists
Forensic Anthropology
Nevada Archaeological Association
Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges

Applied Anthropology
Society for Applied Anthropology
High Plains Society for Applied Anthropology Links
National Association for Practicing Anthropoplogists

Study Abroad, Work Abroad, Student Exchange
Students can often study or work abroad for about as much as it costs to go to school in the U.S.
UNLV International Programs
School for International Training
Peace Corps
World Learning

Continuing Your Education:
Graduate programs in Anth
Online anthropological/archeological library