Anth 204: Art in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Completely Online or Alternate Mondays at 5:30, CSN, Henderson

Anth 204, examines diverse views of art and art making across cultures and time. The close relationships between art,  religion, magic, politics, and even economics, will help focus and illuminate our studies. As we explore art, we will also be reflecting on our own individual experiences. In this sense, the class is also about each of us as creators -artists- who's medium is life. Art is a direct line to the conceptual and aesthetic riches of culture,  and we will be diving in deep. If you are interested in either art or culture/society, this course will offer a treasure trove of insights and new perspectives.

If you already know yourself to be an artist, this course will provide ample new ways to think about and inspire your work, as well as some fun opportunities to apply what we're learning.

The class is based on an experiential approach to education. It is designed to create holistic learning opportunities through student engagement in challenging and rewarding hands on activities that explore the course materials. 

Sculpture, Halebidu

Students will engage in a series of fascinating participatory projects that deal with major ideas in understanding art across-cultures. The traditional meets every other week in order to provide sufficient time to complete the projects and attend to the course material. Students in the DE course will need to have access to a digitial video and still camera in order to turn in their projects (cell phone quality is sufficient).

Our studies will involve lecture, discussion, sharing projects, viewing art and videos, listening to audio, as well as reading and writing. Following an introductory section, the class will turn to examine the role art in defining and reflecting cultural relationships to the environment, society, and self.


Your Professor: I earned my Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. My current interests focus on art and music as cultural vehicles for personal growth, education, and community building.

As a musician, performer, and visual artist, the topics addressed in this course, as well as Anth 217: Drums Cultural and New World Rhythmatism, combine my studies in anthropology with a lifetime of creative activity.

I continue to regularly play music in various live professional contexts, and my visual artwork has been featured in a range of settings from private collections to galleries in LA and Las Vegas.